It is important that leaders, especially in education, take time to remember why they joined the profession. This connection to purpose takes careful reflection that we typically skip out on when things get busy. We must connect our hearts and minds to reflect on why we do what we do. This effort builds the resilience needed to push through the inevitable challenges of leadership.

A Triumphant Journey of Personal Resilience

resilienceKris Ann Piazza, a Studer Group® coach and national speaker, epitomizes the positive mindset leaders need in today’s challenging environment to reflect on their purpose and emerge successfully through change.

Education, and one particular educator, played a key role in Kris Ann’s life after a spinal injury left her permanently paralyzed at the young age of twelve. Although this model educator was only in Kris Ann’s life for a very brief time, the profound effect she had on her self esteem continues to spread. With passion, intelligence and humor, she reflects on her triumphant journey over adversity to demonstrate the human capacity for resilience.

Kris Ann’s Tips


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