Keeping renters around drains energy and productivity.

This week, Dr. Pilcher discusses being an owner versus a renter. Pride in our organizations occurs when we take ownership of our roles, cultivating a positive environment so strong, it is no longer susceptible to negativity. This episode addresses questions, such as: 

  • What do leaders who take ownership look like? 
  • How can leaders create an environment that promotes ownership? 
  • How can you confront renter behavior? 

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Be An Owner

Ownership is more than employee "buy-in" or lack of resistance when change or barriers bring stress. If you own your organization as an employee, you are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish goals and live out the mission and you experience great satisfaction and pride when the organization succeeds, just as you would celebrate the success of a...

Take Ownership of Your Actions by Taking Responsibility

Are you stalled in a project at work, waiting on someone else to take initiative to get things moving? Are you in a broken professional relationship - with a manager, coworker, or employee - hoping the other person assumes blame and fixes the issue?



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