Break down barriers to improve the workplace.

Can you recall a time when you’ve been frustrated with another department in your organization, and you were told nothing can be done to solve the problem? Are leaders fighting about who is supposed to be responsible for something and blaming others when things don’t get done? The best solutions come from the people doing the work day in and day out. This episode focuses on breaking down barriers to improve workplaces. Learn how you can utilize your people to improve processes and systems that aren’t working.  

This episode addresses questions, such as: 

  • How do we shift away from a silo thinking mindset in our organizations? 
  • How can we solve problems that cross multiple departments within an organization? 
  • How can you improve business or functional processes within an organization?  
  • What is a Barriers Team? 

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Are We Just Documenting or Improving Processes

Everyday whether we are at work or home we execute processes and go through the same steps each time. A process may be a set of steps taken to offer a service, create a product, achieve a goal, check email, drive to work, or do grocery shopping. It is natural to want to make our processes as efficient as possible to achieve the greatest impact.

Prioritizing Processes To Improve

Which process needs improvement? If you haven’t been regularly revisiting your organization’s processes over time, you may be overwhelmed with where to start. We can’t improve every process at one time. If you don’t have a system for gathering and analyzing these data, the following guidelines will help:

Busting Through Barriers

The most successful organizations encourage communication and information sharing outside of specific teams and departments. Barriers can be the result of teams in different locations, hierarchies in the workplace, excessive workloads, comfort zones, and lack of organization wide transparency.Busting through barriers requires us to shift away from siloed thinking, and collaboratively solve problems across the organization.

Breaking Down Silos

What are some risks silos pose to an organization? Life Science Leader magazine talks about breaking down silos in an organization. Silos can arise in any firm, large or small, and are detrimental to organizational success. A siloed organization cannot act quickly on opportunities that arise in a fast-paced business landscape, nor is it able to make productive decisions about how to change in order to seize these opportunities.



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