Utilize talented team members to drive organizational success.

It’s the leader’s responsibility to provide a structure within the organization to help people know when they’re not performing at their best. When the right system is in place, leaders can support their employees in owning their own performance. Sometimes that support may appear in the form of transitioning someone to a different role or out of the organization. In this episode, we address actions leaders can take to provide every opportunity for employees to be successful.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What can we do when someone works hard with a good attitude and is not able to achieve results?
  • What actions should leaders be taking to help employees gain the best opportunity to succeed?
  • When is it time to shift someone to a new position or shift them out of the organization entirely?

The Best Chance for Success is the ninth episode in a series describing the performance curve and performance conversations, beginning with Ep. #16 High Performers: Who Are They?.

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