Combine strong will and passion to fuel your fire.

When we speak of performance, we think of both an individual’s will and their skill. Do the members of our teams have the desire to do their best work and continue to get better? Today, we focus on the tremendous impact we can have on organizations when we have strong will or fire in our belly.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What does it mean to have a ‘fire in the belly’?
  • What do I do with a high performer who poisons the work environment with negativity?
  • What is more important than passion?

The Fire in the Belly is the second episode in a series of episodes describing the performance curve and performance conversations, beginning with Ep. #16 High Performers: Who Are They?

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Recognizing Low Will

The first step in supporting low performance is to assess if the low performance is a result of low skill or low will. This requires observation, and even documentation, related to the lack of task or job performance. High performers expect leaders to deal with low performers and will exit the organization if poor performance is not addressed and corrected.

Violating Values

What happens if someone violates the values of an organization? This is when the alignment does not exist. The values of an organization set the expectations for the employees. Failing to live up to a value set by the organization requires a leader to address that behavior using the language of the value.



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