The Future Looks…? Planning Amidst Uncertainty

Shifting mindsets and behaviors is the core of any continuous improvement journey.

– Joakim Ahlstrom

As leaders, we must organize and prepare for the future, even when future conditions are unclear, unknown or uncertain. In this roundtable, Dr. Pat Greco shared how best to apply the tool of scenario planning to make forward progress when multiple possibilities are still ahead.

In the roundtable and the discussion, Pat challenged leaders to think about what will be most important to their community, families, students and board as they plan ahead for September 2021:

  • Who needs to be at the table?
  • What 2-3 key scenarios should we plan for?
  • What is one potential barrier we need to consider and plan for?
  • What is one implication this could have on learning, operations, time talent, resources, etc.?

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Remain Confident Despite an Uncertain Future

When we experience extreme periods of constant change and uncertainty our confidence in our ability to correctly anticipate the future decreases. We may correctly prepare for one scenario, while completely missing the mark on another. Even if we are at our best, we don’t have a crystal ball revealing the future. We won’t be right every time, and even if we are on the right track, we may still need to adjust. The key for leaders who want to guide their teams confidently through intense change is to let go of perfect.


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