Innovation isn’t what you think it is.

Innovation is a topic we hear a lot about in the workplace, but it’s often misunderstood. Being innovative means more than just coming up with cool things to do. Innovation doesn’t have to be big and different, and it’s not something only geniuses do. Innovation comes as we look at who and how we serve as an organization and where we can improve on the value we deliver. Innovation comes as we look at our organization’s results. In this episode, listen as Dr. JoAnn Sternke discusses how true creativity and innovation can emerge as we focus on adding value—and how leaders can do this in crisis times.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can leaders help foster a spirit of innovation among team members?
  • What kinds of questions can leaders ask to help bring about innovative solutions?
  • What should leaders focus on in order to inspire innovation that leads their organization from surviving to thriving amid COVID-19?

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Improvement & Innovation

When a team awakens to the real meaning and practice of a continuous improvement approach to make lasting change, team members begin to think about improvement possibilities differently. Getting away from initiative-centered thinking can be a challenge for organizations that may be accustomed to jumping from one episodic and silver bullet promise to the next.

Busting Through Barriers

We often hear that people are an organization’s greatest assets, and it’s true. Our colleagues and employees have unlimited potential to solve problems, adapt to challenges, and work collaboratively to achieve positive organizational results. And when it comes to problem solving, who better than the employees who are closest to the work?

Identify Barriers in Action

The people who are closest to the work often have the best ability to identify barriers in action. In this video, Dr. Pat Greco explains the most effective way to discover barriers and remove them from our processes. When we identify areas to continuously improve, our teams and individuals are more likely to be high-performing.

Pursue Performance Excellence

Why is a commitment to excellence important as a leader and as an organization? Dr. Janet Pilcher interviews Harry S. Hertz Leadership Award recipient, Dr. JoAnn Sternke, to get her perspective on what it takes to pursue performance excellence. As a superintendent of Pewaukee School District, JoAnn led the organization to receive a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.



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