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What the Best Leaders do to Communicate with Employees During Critical Times

Employees need to hear the voice of the leader. That’s what this leadership toolkit is about – how the best leaders in the best organizations communicate with employees during a crisis.

This toolkit includes two sections:

Section 1: Leadership Mindset for Crisis Communications

The first section focuses on our “leadership mindset,” which is understanding what we stand for by connecting our personal values to organizational values. Also, structure is more important than ever when we are managing a crisis. We focus on routines and rituals and how the two influence the way we communicate. Therefore, our values drive the attitude behind the actions we take. It’s important to get that right as part of our mindset.

Section 2: Essential Communication Tactics and Tools

The second section shares essential communication tactics and tools that provide executive leaders with communication approaches that are simple yet have a tremendous impact on keeping people focused and engaged to work through a crisis.

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Tactic and Tool Highlights:

Daily Huddles

Daily Huddle Sample Agenda

Executive Leader Daily Communication

Sample Virtual Broadcast Outline

One-on-One Connections

3-2-1 Reflection Tool

Key Words at Key Times

Suggestions for using Key Words at Key Times to communicate

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