Barriers to change

Execution is the must-have to achieve an organization’s desired goals. One of the most important responsibilities of a leader is to work collectively with professionals to create a best-place-to-work environment. As leaders, we know that we and our direct reports- and certainly anyone taking the time to read Maximize Performance- want to execute well.

As leaders, we model behaviors we expect those we lead to apply, but certain potential barriers keep us from maximizing performance. These barriers originate at a subconscious level, perhaps stemming from emotions that sit just below the surface.

Solutions to consider:

  • If we’re part of an organization, we have to be part of the solution.
  • It is important to always relate, not compare. If others can do it, we can, too, by learning and harvesting best practices from them.
  • The number one reason people leave an organization is their leader. It makes sense to do everything we can to invest in and develop the best leaders.
  • People want to be successful and fulfilled; they want their jobs to take care of their head and heart needs. Sometimes explaining why connects the two needs.





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