Meet people where they are.

Several years ago, the decision was made to transform TeacherReady, a Studer Education online self-paced teacher certification program, to meet students where they are today. Transforming TeacherReady wasn’t something the organization took lightly, Dr. Julie Kunselman was instrumental in helping to review significant data and research to revolutionize this program for the future. As with any organization, they had to work through barriers to change to realize this incredible opportunity to serve more of their customers. Dr. Kunselman joins the show today to uncover how TeacherReady meets people where they are, rather than where it’s most convenient for them.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • Why is it important to meet your customers where they are today?
  • What effects does transformational change have on an organization?
  • Why revolutionize a standard practice within your organization?

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