This month, we’ve had the tremendous opportunity to learn with school and district leaders in Wisconsin and Texas at each state’s annual education convention. What amazing practitioners we have in our field! After listening to presentations at both events, I hope to synthesize the collective wisdom into many tips for readers of this blog; I know I will have advice aplenty for months to come.

TASA Booth

If there was one message I heard in both states, it’s that we are all seeking to get more done, more efficiently and more effectively than ever before. We know what we are aiming for and why our goals are important, but we are still learning and practicing the how. When it comes to execution — a fancy word for getting things done — we’ve all got room to grow, including me.

So my tip today, for executing more effectively, is to be deliberate. Here at Studer Education, our leaders recommended a new approach to the traditional New Years resolution — pick a single word to guide your living in 2015. My word is deliberate. In 2015, I aim to be more deliberate in my actions, instead of letting myself get harried, hurried, bent-out-of-shape, or distracted from my goals. Being deliberate, to me, includes being fully present where I am and taking careful, well-thought-out action steps to get things done. It means working planfully towards a specific goal, not running 3 trains of thought and 4 different activities at the same time — which tends to get me nowhere fast. I’ll strive to put the brakes on multi-tasking in order to increase my effectiveness at each task, and by accomplishing each task get closer to my goal. It’s nothing fancy, but I think it’s key to how we get things done.

How could being deliberate make a difference for you? Is there another word that will guide you in 2015?



With many thanks to Superintendents Pat Deklotz (Kettle Moraine School District, WI), JoAnn Sternke (Pewaukee School District, WI), and Kelly Thompson (Muskego-Norway School District, WI) for sharing the flywheel slide at #2015EdCon. And cheers to Audre Lorde for being brave, courageous, and inspiring to writers everywhere. 

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