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Creating & Applying Good Processes

In our work with school districts, we’ve discovered that many systems want to create and apply good processes. Like many of us, K-12 leaders sometimes have difficulty coming up with the right processes and implementing them properly. School systems sometimes have trouble holding onto a process over time and applying it with fidelity and consistency.

Consider the many ways we use process improvement in our daily lives. Whether we are figuring out the best sequence to clean and cook, the best route to take when driving, or the most efficient way to prepare and pack for a family vacation, we naturally want to take the fewest steps to achieve the greatest impact. It is amazing to watch teachers juggle all their activities and commitments with students. Great teachers have their sequence and processes down to a science.

The Evidence-Based Leadership℠ framework guides leaders to align goals, actions, and processes to improve educational systems. Processes do not exist in a vacuum. They align to and rely on key performance measures that drive individual accountability and strategic actions to help people achieve the goals. Good processes should help leaders achieve the organizational and departmental goals they are accountable for.

Asti Kelley, Studer Education℠

Excerpt from: Maximize Performance


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