Listen intently to transform individual ideas to team ideas.

Are you really listening to your employees? Many employees don’t think so, in fact, more than half of employees say their company fails to act on good ideas, and a third of employees feel their ideas are ignored. Why? Because leaders demand action without input, receive feedback and avoid making changes, and lack a clear process for managing ideas. It’s crucial for leaders to let employees speak and pay ridiculous attention to what they are saying so teams are motivated to collaborate towards a solution and action plan.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can you support an employee to change their behavior?
  • Why is there a disconnect between leader and employee perceptions of quality communication?
  • How does listening foster team collaboration?
  • Why do some team members have deep convictions to their ideas?

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To Change Someone's Mind, Stop Talking and Listen

The best way to sway others is not to tell them your answer, but to arrive at an answer - together. Listening is the key pathway to go from your idea to our idea.

Listen Intently

Have you noticed lately that getting another person's undivided attention can be rather difficult? Between daily demands and technology at our fingertips, it can seem quite rare for someone to look you in the eyes and pay careful attention to what you're saying. To meet 5 critical employee needs, effective listening is imperative.

Conducting A Listening Tour

A listening tour is specific time set aside to meet with people and listen to them. The only goal of a listening tour to is gather as much information as possible. When you make listening your priority, you show people you value their advice and work to build a positive reputation within the organization.

Valuing All Voices

Have you ever been in a meeting and one person dominated the entire discussion? As a participant, this can be excruciating to endure. As a leader, it poses an important challenge. While the individual’s voice should be honored, it should also be managed to create opportunities for all participants to be heard.



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