A clear vision, strong purpose, and a focus on ‘what they think’ nutures a culture of unmistakable value.

How can organizations set themselves apart and provide their stakeholders with unmistakable value? It all starts with effective leadership and a culture focused on purpose. Dr. KK Owen joins Dr. Janet Pilcher to discuss how she helps organizations mold a culture around unmistakable value in real life.

This episode addresses questions, such as: 

  • What is ‘unmistakable value’?
  • How do organizations mold a culture around unmistakable value?
  • What leadership characteristics make an effective leader?
  • How do you start a culture change?

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Creating Unmistakable Value

Like any other human relationship, the relationships we establish with our customers thrive on trust and respect. It's only logical that we look to service providers to meet these same basic relational needs, but it's not something every organization knows how to do.

Improve Performance with Leader Led Conversations

Leaders have the unique opportunity to improve team performance every day by always modeling the right way. Employees search for a leader to learn from within their organization and closely watch their behaviors at all times. Leaders that have regular conversations with their employees are more likely to engage their employees and improve organizational performance.

Use Standards of Service Excellence

An organization’s reputation is preceded by its level of service. We’ve found that when organizations establish and hold each other accountable to standards of service excellence, a culture of high performance is fostered. High performers attract high performers.

Executive Leader Reflection

The process of reflection requires us to ask challenging questions of ourselves, be willing to learn, take action, and continuously look for ways to improve. Reflective practice requires a pause. When leading teams, it is important to frequently check in with ourselves and consider how the actions we take, words we use, and decisions we make impact those around us.



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