Written by Quint Studer and Janet Pilcher

Educators have always dealt with change, but the environment we’re navigating now requires change at a new level. Numerous other industries, including healthcare, have likewise moved from experiencing episodic change to this new paradigm where change is continuous. To survive and thrive in such a climate, successful organizations focus on continuous improvement and innovation efforts.

Join authors Quint Studer and Janet Pilcher in their journey of partnering with leaders across the nation to achieve real results in school districts and healthcare systems. Learn how Quint, who spent the first 10 years of his career as a teacher, used his background in special education to successfully transform patient care, employee engagement, and leadership development practices in over 1,000 hospitals. He then returned to his roots as an educator by engaging with Janet to adapt and apply his nationally recognized continuous systems improvement model to accelerate key results in school districts. Maximize Performance outlines how this proven approach transfers to education through a mixture of stories and explicit teachings.

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Continuous Improvement
Infuse Evidence-Based Leadership Practices
Workforce Engagement
Create Engaged Best-Place-to-Work Environments
Service Excellence
Deliver Outstanding Service to Stakeholders
Financial Efficiency
Align Resources with Goals and Determine ROI
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