Assessment Tools

Explore our free assessment tools aligned to the Nine Principles for Organizational Excellence, and discover new ways to focus on supporting continuous improvement.

Culture of Care

While organizational culture might not be a topic of everyday discussion, chances are you could describe the culture of your organization. Observations of the way people interact and the attitudes they possess say a great deal about the health of the organization and the culture. The Culture of Care assessments provide a starting point for digging into areas of opportunity to create a caring culture that supports engagement and inspires excellence:

  • Organizational Culture Diagnosis
  • Policy, Procedure, and Infrastructure Audit
  • Student Awareness Scan (for education organizations)

Teamwork Tendencies

Each of us brings a unique perspective and set of experiences to the team table. Developing an awareness of our own behaviors, actions, and reactions in a team setting is a first step in understanding how we might most effectively contribute to the team’s overall success. The Teamwork Tendencies assessment is a self-assessment to help individual team members better understand their strengths in a team setting and the traits they bring to team projects.

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