Culture of Care Assessments

What is a Culture of Care?

Culture is a social construct. Organizational culture is a combination of the values, standards, behaviors, and attitudes of its members. The people in an organization are either creating a culture of care, where all individuals are valued and excellent performance at all levels is supported, or a culture where individuals spread negativity and distrust. While organizational culture might not be a topic of everyday discussion, chances are you could describe the culture of your organization. Observations of the way people interact and the attitudes they possess say a great deal about the health of the organization and the culture.

Culture of Care Assessments


Organizational Culture Diagnosis

The purpose of this assessment is to gain your input about areas working well, areas needing improvement, and priorities to consider in guiding the organization to be a school district where all individuals learn, work, and achieve at high levels. The overall results of this organizational assessment will be used to inform a plan of action for continuous improvement and for creating a great place to work and to serve students and the community.


Policy, Procedure, and Infrastructure Audit

The purpose of this audit is to determine strengths and opportunities of existing organizational policies, procedures, and infrastructure in supporting cultures of care. The audit is intended to identify any gaps in the supports needed to achieve a culture of care.


Student Awareness Scan

The purpose of this assessment is to gain awareness of student well-being, behavior, and the degree to which schools are establishing conditions for expressions of positive social, emotional, and physical indicators.

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