Practical team members use a structured approach to problem solving. They are very methodical in their approach to any task.




Working with a team, Practical team members get things done. They tend to think through details before acting, which typically results in successful execution. Their ability to intensely focus and rationally consider the impact of multiple factors makes them go-to team members for accomplishing high-stakes projects or goals.

Potential Pitfalls

Practical team members are prone to perfectionism. They spend a great deal of time thinking about their approach and the best way to reach an outcome that falling short is hard to digest. Their task-focused and tactical nature can result in unintentionally ignoring the sensitivities of others.

Build Team Excellence

Teams can rely on Practical team members to get the job done and to get it done well. They are highly dependable and enjoy organizing details and preparing for large projects or tasks. These team members thrive on time to think through details and will often isolate themselves so they can focus. They are often classified as hard workers and can handle sharp pivots because they have often already visualized a variety of scenarios. Keep these team members engaged with colleagues by providing dedicated social time. They prefer structure but will engage if time together is clearly designated for social activity.

Personal Growth

You have little patience for wasted time. Instead of judging those who work and engage differently than you, practice empathy. Mindfully catch your judgmental thoughts and turn them into empathetic statements. Reframe a thought like, “Doesn’t he have any work to do?” with, “Everyone needs a break.” Then, challenge yourself even further, by taking a 20-minute break yourself. Walk around the building, get a coffee, or (gasp) engage in conversation with a colleague.


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Practical team members use a structured approach to problem solving. They are very methodical in their approach to any task.

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