A Roadmap to Break Down Barriers

CREATING A CULTURE OF CAMPUS INNOVATION AND OWNERSHIP We recruit and hire talented people to generate new ideas, solve complex problems and help us achieve our mission. Yet within large [...]

“Thank You” is Powerful

GRATITUDE IS A GAME CHANGER Think about the last time you received a thank you note. It probably felt good, right? When we are thanked it makes us feel appreciated and valued. It sparks a desire [...]

Are Your Employees Being Heard?

Focus on Employee Engagement: Attend to aspirations and desires in the workplace. What makes an organization a “best place to work”? The benefits? The facilities? The answer is communication. By [...]

Getting Better by Facing Failures

When Dr. Brendan Kelly arrived on the University of South Carolina Upstate scene to serve as chancellor, he quickly identified the need to establish an improvement mindset across the [...]

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