EP191: Saying ‘No’ to Manipulators

What can we do when an individual hoards conversation time, constantly interrupts, provides unsolicited advice and puts others down? These behaviors can be interpreted as manipulative and can [...]

EP189: Dealing with Manipulators

Within our organizations, there are people who will do whatever it takes to be successful. Sometimes people who we believe are high performers are actually lethal employees and manipulators. To [...]

What is Bold Leadership?

As society evolves, education is always needed to transform to help students prepare for the workforce. Equally so, this evolution creates demand for leaders to respond and empower people on [...]

Did That Question Catch You Off Guard?

From the executive level to the front-line manager level, leaders are confronted with tough questions often. Although we can’t eliminate tough questions altogether, we can communicate effectively [...]

Focus on Employee Satisfaction

DEVELOP PEOPLE, RECOGNIZE WHAT MATTERS AND SHOW GRATITUDE You’re likely familiar with the saying people don’t leave their jobs, people leave their leaders. Although it may be overused, there is [...]