Connect to Purpose

Leadership is both an art and a science. Therefore, as we seek to hardwire excellence and create high-performance cultures, we need to be able to connect to people on two levels: heart and mind.

– Quint Studer

In challenging times, connecting our teams to their core purpose will sustain and empower their continued effort. A combination of the head and the heart are critical to successful leadership, especially in unprecedented and challenging times. In this roundtable, Dr. Melissa Matarazzo shares tools and tips for integrating this core leadership tactic in your practice.

In the discussion groups, Melissa challenged leaders to reflect on their purpose and share how leaders around them have shared their stories:

  • Who is a leader that you work with who does a great job of Connecting to Purpose? How do they do it?

  • In the past week, what is one Connect to Purpose that you have gathered? If it’s not a full story, it can be a vignette, a moment, an image, a meme.

  • Practice telling a new Connect to Purpose story to your breakout group. You can gather more stories this way!


Roundtable Resources

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Connect to Purpose | 9P

If you’ve ever wondered, “Does my work actually matter?” you’re not alone. 74% of LinkedIn members place a high value on finding work that delivers on a sense of purpose. People want to feel good about the work they do.

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Find Purpose at Work | 9P

Reflection Activity: Reflect on moments throughout your life and career that have been particularly meaningful to you. What experiences do you hold close? What work accomplishments or outcomes are you most proud of? How do you influence the lives of others through your work?

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The Power of Storytelling | 9P

Studies are ongoing about storytelling’s effects on the brain. So far, we know storytelling helps us gain perspective, increases empathy and has positive results on our memory. Jennifer Aaker, a professor of marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, says that people remember information in the form of a story up to 22 times more than facts…

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The Toolkit

Communicate with Greater Clarity: Leveraging the Execution Triangle

This toolkit focuses on how to leverage the principles of the Studer Education Execution Triangle to enhance the clarity of your written and spoken communication. If you want to communicate with greater clarity, the three key principles in this toolkit will assist you in developing and deploying your message.

Future Roundtable Sessions

Each week, our coaches lead a discussion with a community of leaders who are facing similar challenges. These 60-minute sessions are free and allow opportunities to learn from expert leadership coaches and have candid conversations with other leaders about barriers, share successful practices and re-center on what works.

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