The key to recognition: be specific!

Are you a high performer? Do you want to retain your high performing team members? This week, Dr. Pilcher offers an approach for connecting with your high performers and Dr. Erica Callaway Karr joins her as a guest to model what this connection should sound like. Meeting with high performers the right way, so they know they are valued, moves the organization to achieve results.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How do we retain our high performing employees?
  • What should a conversation with a high performer sound like?
  • What are high performers looking for from their leaders?

Connecting with High Performers is the sixth episode in a series describing the performance curve and performance conversations, beginning with Ep. #16 High Performers: Who Are They?.

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Re-recruit High Performers

Conversations to re-recruit high performers are intended to have the high performer leave the conversation feeling appreciated, rejuvenated, and with a renewed sense of purpose. As leaders, we must engage our high performers and do all we can to recruit them to stay and reach even higher levels of performance.

High Performer Re-recruitment Conversation Template

A re-recruitment conversation is one of the easiest ways to retain a high-performing employee. The High Performer Re-recruitment Conversation Template guides leaders through the structure for this dialogue.



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