Excellence Weekly: Community Collaboration, Strategic Planning, and Problem-Solving

Start the week with inspiring stories of leaders promoting collaboration with their communities to navigate change, solve problems, and plan strategically.


  1. Explore Oregon Superintendent Dr. Candace Pelt’s journey in creating a community-driven strategic plan. Highlights include the pivotal role of strategic planning and Central Linn School District’s emphasis on community engagement and transparency.
  2. Listen to the Accelerate Your Performance podcast for collaborative solutions to overcome division and strengthen relationships in your district.
  3. Discover the best ways to collaborate while problem-solving and learn how navigating continuous change through crises can provide valuable lessons for better preparation.


Building Bridges: A Superintendent’s Journey to Create a Community-Driven Strategic Plan


Oregon Superintendent Dr. Candace Pelt underscores the significance of strategic planning as a guiding roadmap for decision-making involving the community.


Central Linn School District prioritizes community engagement as a core strategy, involving all stakeholders in planning to build a shared vision. Dr. Pelt’s transformative leadership showcases how education leaders can drive positive change by emphasizing community engagement and transparency with strategic plans.

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Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

Bridging Community Divides


Solve problems and foster relationships by cultivating a collaborative culture among school boards, executives, and community agencies.


Collaboration to overcome division and foster unity is key to district planning. Join podcast host Dr. Janet Pilcher and guests, Dr. Ed Manansala, County Superintendent of Schools in El Dorado County, California, and Dr. Ken Futernick, writer and educational consultant, as they share solutions to strengthen relationships to make positive progress.

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Solve Problems with Community Collaboration


Collaboration inspires trust and innovation and enhances problem-solving capabilities.


Continuous change and crises can affect people and organizations in very different ways. Navigating disruption successfully relies on preparation, response, and problem-solving abilities. Despite the stress, managing a crisis offers a unique opportunity for learning and better preparing for future disruptions.

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