Bridging Community Divides

How can you work to overcome division, create unity, and strengthen relationships in your district? In this episode of the Accelerate Your Performance podcast, Dr. Janet Pilcher invites Dr. Ed Manansala, County Superintendent of Schools for El Dorado County in California, and Dr. Ken Futernick, writer and educational consultant, to discuss how they worked together to find solutions for these issues. They explain how the Bridging Divides-El Dorado initiative was formed, how they built the conditions for a culture that promotes collaboration across community agencies, and how they improved communication between the public and public officials.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What is the Bridging Divides -El Dorado initiative, and how can you apply some of its core values to help alleviate division in your community?
  • How can you work to build a culture that promotes collaboration between your school board, school executives, and community agencies to solve problems and build relationships?
  • What are the potential consequences caused by polarization, division, and strife within communities, and why is it important to safeguard ways to combat these issues?

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