This week’s Quick Reads focus on loyalty, net promoter score, and customer / stakeholder service excellence.


Sincerity and Transparency Are the Keys to Genuine Customer Loyalty; why is this important? This Entrepreneur article’s message is clear, “The cost of cultivating a repeat customer is almost always lower than the cost of attracting a new one.”

This post on MOVIO highlights “National Amusements: Building Loyalty Globally” and shares the bottom-line in building loyalty that leaders in any field (and school!) should follow:

Long before CRM and loyalty became popular marketing tools, National Amusements made customer service the primary focus, believing that an extraordinary experience in the theatre is fundamental to success.

This post in CustomerSure’s blog, “How to Build Customer Loyalty by Being Authentic” includes the following quote from Ellovi founder Kelly Winterhalter whose “fans keep coming back for more.”

kelly-winterhalter-customer-experience3Why an incredible customer experience? “… because it’s simply what she wants to do.”

Are you a fan of the Net Promoter Score (NPS)? Here’s an article outlining the NPS debate and the meaning of customer loyalty from Hayes at Business Over Broadway consulting reprinted from Quirk’s Marketing Research Review. Here’s a second NPS post from Teradata® International blog “Why Net Promoter Score is Not a True Measure of Customer Satisfaction” including a figure from the post showing service opportunities over time:


Customer Satisfaction Can Kill: The Deadly ‘Who Cares’ Phenomenon And Customer Loyalty” in Forbes entrepreneurs section describes a customer experience where “nothing goes wrong yet the customer goes away” and questions whether “a solid customer experience… is enough to ensure customer engagement and loyalty.”

Quick Reads offers us an opportunity to share some of what we’re reading each week. Let us know how you connect with the articles and share with us and WRIE readers what you’re reading.


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