Hire the right team, and then empower them to do whatever it takes.

Service excellence is more than just being polite or being ready to offer the unsatisfied customer a discount. Join Donna Kirby and Janet Pilcher this week as they conclude their conversation about the value of service excellence. Donna Kirby reveals her top 3 tactics for applying customer service excellence within your organization and how to treat your organization like a living room.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can leaders build a culture around service?
  • What 3 tactics does Donna Kirby recommend for applying service excellence in your organization?
  • How are the employee experience and customer experience intertwined?

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Right Hiring for the Right Fit

Hiring the right team members should link directly to your organization's values. The right candidate inherently reflects the values lived by current employees, maintaining the alignment to organization's values and vision. The first step to finding your fit is to create the perfect job description.

Ideas for Recognizing Your Employees

Rewarding and recognizing people boosts morale, increases engagement, and results in a more productive working environment. Expressing appreciation for the contribution someone has made to the organization motivates them to continue their hard work. When we reward and recognize behaviors and performance we want to see more of, other people are more likely to repeat that behavior, too.

What Gets Recognized Gets Repeated

Recognition of employee behavior should align to the goals and values of the organization and all employees should have an awareness of the goals and values. Standards of Practice and Core Values are part of the culture of an organization and alignment with these keeps recognition from being random or individualized by leader.

Interpret Top Box Percentages

Research studies have shown a large difference between the loyalty of people who indicate they are extremely satisfied compared to those who are just satisfied with their experience. Inclusion of top box percentages for data analysis provides information on respondents who are most satisfied with their experience, which offers a stretch goal opportunity to help focus teams on continuous improvement and high levels of achievement.



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