A person’s motivations for working ties directly to purpose

Think about where you work. Are your coworkers achieving their highest potential? Are you achieving your highest potential? Professionals spend a majority of their days logging hours at work; however, the vast majority are disengaged. According to a Gallup study, only 31% of the U.S. workforce reports being actively involved, enthusiastic and committed to their work. Because of this, there has never been a more crucial time to connect people with their purpose.

Can you imagine what would happen in your workplace if everyone was connecting to their purpose at work? Imagine how much more productive and successful each person would be if they didn’t lose sight of the “why” and had a job that mattered to them. Just think of all that we could collectively accomplish. Each and every day you have the power to make your work more meaningful. You can create engagement and inspiration by connecting purpose with work.

Leading with purpose

“Companies that understand the increasing emphasis of purpose in today’s professional landscape improve their ability to attract such employees and also their ability to retain them for longer periods of time.”
– Reid Hoffman Executive Chairman and co-founder LinkedIn

An organization can embody purpose in a number of ways. Purpose-driven organizations have a stated and measured reason for being, a mission that all employees know. According to LinkedIn’s Global Report on Purpose, purpose-driven organizations have a culture and jobs that deliver employees the three core elements of experiencing purpose:

  1. Positive impact on others
  2. Personal development
  3. Delivery of work through strong relationships

Purpose isn’t something you are born with. When given the right environment and coaching, leaders can not only lead with purpose, but also foster a sense of purpose in employees. When you connect your employees to jobs that bring our their sense of purpose, your organization will benefit tremendously. Employees that find meaning and fulfillment in their work are higher performers, more productive, and likely to stay longer.

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