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Hardwiring Excellence in Education is about leadership.

Embark on a transformative journey with Hardwiring Excellence in Education by Dr. Janet Pilcher, where dynamic leadership, collaborative teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of improvement form the foundation for creating a culture of excellence in schools. This book not only arms educators and administrators with practical strategies but also empowers them with the Nine Principles® Framework tools, unleashing their potential to elevate their work, foster inspiring learning environments, and make a profound and lasting impact on education.

Janet Pilcher is one of the most visionary improvement leaders in the field today. Her new book, Hardwiring Excellence in Education, covers all bases on how to lead an organization in a post-pandemic world. It is an easy read that offers practical and actionable advice on handling almost any situation as a leader. This book is one that I will continue to reference and read repeatedly in reflection on how I am performing as a leader. The evidence-based leadership practices aligned with the Nine Principles® [Framework] has changed my life. Every leader should read this book and share it with their team. Come join the army of improvement leaders assembling across the United States!
Dr. Ryan Carpenter, Estacada School District Superintendent

About the Author

Janet Pilcher

Dr. Janet Pilcher is the founder and executive leader of Studer Education and a managing director for Huron Consulting Group. She has an extensive background advising educational institutions on strategic planning, leadership development, employee engagement and operational improvement. Janet and her team partner with education leaders to create learning organizations where people have purpose, do worthwhile work, and make a difference.

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Listen along as Superintendent Ryan Carpenter discusses how he establishes effective two-way communication through his implementation of daily huddles and scorecards from Hardwiring Excellence in Education.

Dave Kline, Superintendent of the Colton School District in Oregon, shares an inspiring journey from skepticism to success with the implementation of rounding as a strategic leadership tool.

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Oregon education leaders are working together to drive positive change, foster continuous improvement, and shape a brighter future for all students. 

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