Be willing to disrupt.

Times of disruption bring opportunities to innovate. And innovation is easier than you may think. The reality is, it’s a matter of looking at doing things effectively and more efficiently. In this pandemic, Quint Studer says this is an ample opportunity to innovate that leaders should not miss. We often get paralyzed by thinking innovation needs to change the world. Listen as Quint shares his perspective on playing small ball and the innovative thinking that leads to the creation of a sense of place and a vibrant community.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What can leaders who feel stumped do to have a creative breakthrough?
  • What kinds of questions can leaders ask to help spark innovation?
  • How can leaders tackle solving challenges creatively as they get ready for re-entry in the coming weeks and months?

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Building a Vibrant Community

When Pensacola, FL, started its revitalization process, it was struggling economically. Today there is more downtown construction taking place than at any time in modern history, and downtown is well on its way to vibrancy. Small businesses are strong and growing. There's a deeper focus on education.

Busting Through Barriers

The most successful organizations encourage communication and information sharing outside of specific teams and departments. Barriers can be the result of teams in different locations, hierarchies in the workplace, excessive workloads, comfort zones, and lack of organization wide transparency.

Improvement & Innovation

When a team awakens to the real meaning and practice of a continuous improvement approach to make lasting change, team members begin to think about improvement possibilities differently. Getting away from initiative-centered thinking can be a challenge for organizations that may be accustomed to jumping from one episodic and silver bullet promise to the next.

Questioning for the Positive

The way leaders construct questions will either open or narrow minds. To get more of what we want out of our teams and increase positive outcomes, it is important for leaders to ask questions that encourage high levels of reflection and creative thinking.



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