Accountability measures aren’t improvement measures.

Currently, many of us are feeling the strain of change and transition. Doing improvement work in organizations is always important, and in times of disruption, we can’t let this work slip. Improvement work is more important than ever as funding is being cut in many organizations and systems are stressed. In this episode, Dr. Pat Greco joins us to discuss how leaders and their team members can keep an improvement-mindset, despite the challenges of this crisis.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What are the most important aspects of improvement work leaders should know?
  • Why is investing in your people so important when it comes to improvement work?
  • How do leaders build a team of improvement-focused individuals?

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Improvement & Innovation

When a team awakens to the real meaning and practice of a continuous improvement approach to make lasting change, team members begin to think about improvement possibilities differently. Getting away from initiative-centered thinking can be a challenge for organizations that may be accustomed to jumping from one episodic and silver bullet promise to the next.


Why Benchmark? We benchmark to identify gaps, drive improvement, and learn what high performing organizations are doing to achieve the standard. Benchmarking helps us be more competitive and it can provide the “why” for change or improvement to increase efficiencies and effectiveness.

Where's the Noise?

Over time, an organization collects initiatives. The hustle and bustle of our daily tasks makes revisiting and analyzing the value of these initiatives and strategic actions a low priority and a step most teams neglect, often for years. We keep doing what we've always done because it was once communicated as a top priority.

Implementing PDSA Cycles

To continuously improve, organizations and teams need to implement cycles of examining data and planning for future actions. In this videoan elementary school principal discusses how his school has created a transparent system using data to ensure students are getting the support they need. Using cycles of PDSA, data is assessed to monitor progress towards goals and then used to plan for the following year.



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