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EP15: It’s All Great Until I’m on a Call

Working from home while your child is learning from home has its ups and downs. We invited our virtual colleague and parent-friend, Dee Dee Thompkins to give us her best tips for minimizing interruptions during work calls and meetings. Her ideas are mind-blowingly good.

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People love patterns and structure. Knowing what to expect makes us feel safe. When you teach your child a procedure, you’re creating a pattern for them. A procedure is a specific way a parent wants something done. When your child is learning from home you can help reduce their anxiety by teaching them exactly how a task should look. As they follow the procedure over and over, it becomes a routine. Procedures and routines make us feel successful. They help us get things accomplished. Following a simple procedure gives your child confidence and more time to focus on new schoolwork and information.

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Did you know your child actually wants rules, routines and procedures? That’s right. Your child’s brain thrives on structure. In this episode, hear how creating routines and procedures allows your child to focus on learning new things. You’ll hear a few ways you can immediately add structure to support your child’s learning.

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Routines provide structure and comfort within our teams. Rituals go beyond providing structure to instill a deeper meaning behind a sequence of actions. As we continuously navigate change, we need structure to reduce people’s anxiety and increase their confidence. People need to know their work has purpose and is worthwhile in helping an organization achieve results. Today, Janet shares one of the most important rituals we can instill in our teams along with 6 suggestions to consider.

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