Lessons From a Virtual World

The beauty of disruption is the rediscovery of humility.

– Dan Rockwell

What have we learned about leadership in a virtual world? What have we transformed for a virtual setting that we’ll want to continue for the future? In this roundtable, Dr. Janet Pilcher was joined by Dr. Melissa Matarazzo to reflect and share five lessons learned from recent months as take-aways for how we lead, every day.

In the roundtable and the discussion, Janet and Melissa challenged leaders to think about what they’ve learned through this time of virtual leadership, reflect on the five lessons shared in the roundtable and what they could do differently:

  • Why did certain lessons resonate with you?

  • What lessons have you learned from virtual leadership that you will apply in the future?

  • From the lessons you’ve learned and the five lessons you heard today, what’s one thing you will do differently or more of or change?

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Roundtable Resources

EP 159: BLENDING 80% EMOTIONAL 20% RATIONAL | Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

Change is continuous, and in our organizations, leaders have the responsibility of balancing employees’ emotions with the rational side of work. This past year has taught us that it’s easier to lead with agility to manage change when we hardwire leadership fundamentals in our organizations. In this podcast episode, Janet shares the foundational tools and tactics to advance our leadership and provides the framework we use to do just that — the Nine Principles for Organizational Excellence give teams an opportunity to thrive and truly accelerate performance.

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EP 146: THE RITUAL THAT KEEPS PEOPLE ALIGNED | Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

Routines provide structure and comfort within our teams. Rituals go beyond providing structure to instill a deeper meaning behind a sequence of actions. As we continuously navigate change, we need structure to reduce people’s anxiety and increase their confidence. People need to know their work has purpose and is worthwhile in helping an organization achieve results. In this episode, Janet shares one of the most important rituals we can instill in our teams along with 6 suggestions to consider.

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Keep the Team Connected in a Virtual World

Virtual working and learning are not the norms for those of us in education. We’re used to seeing students face-to-face. We’re also used to seeing what our team is doing each day to support the organization and its learners. As the normalcy of being virtual grows and continues to exist in many ways, how well are you keeping the team connected in a virtual world?


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