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Have you ever felt a particular duty or aspect of your work was insignificant, small, or maybe even meaningless? No matter how small, every action has a ripple effect and contributes to the greater good for our organizations and teams. In this episode, our host Dr. Janet Pilcher shares a story that exemplifies this– the humble beginnings that led to Kyle Johnston becoming the head athletic trainer for the Miami Dolphins. Listen as Janet shares key takeaways from Kyle’s journey to success.

This episode answers questions such as:

  • What four attributes can help us be excellent no matter how small or big the task?
  • Why is it so important to pay attention to detail?
  • What small actions can we take to impact our organizations?

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The Power of Perspective

At times we can all find ourselves trapped in a negative mindset or experiencing negative thoughts. We may even enjoy the attention and validation we get from others trying to help us. Have you ever considered the long-term consequences from this way of thinking?

Motivate with Recognition

Building connections with the work and people in an organization inspires team members to achieve the mission. In the book Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard, the Heath brothers explain this appeal to the emotional side of individuals is equivalent to motivating an elephant. A rider can tug on the reins of the six-ton creature for only so long before the effort fails, and the elephant needs more than force to keep going. A more effective approach to guiding behavior and building meaningful connections is to recognize individuals for displaying the characteristics and actions that will move the team to success.

Create Resilient Leaders

Resilient teams are more prepared to respond quickly to problems and make better changes when adapting to situations and disruptions. Periods of disruption can feel like a never-ending hallway. Every time one problem is solved there is another awaiting attention. To establish a culture of resilience, leaders model resilient behaviors, use the language of resiliency, and inspire teams to keep moving forward.

Connect to Purpose

As humans, our search for purpose is never-ending. Often, we focus on the meaning of life outside of our careers, spending time with children or grandchildren, volunteer work, or maybe even a passion project/side job. Since most people spend the majority of their day at work, connecting employees with how their position makes a difference can increase ownership and pride, therefore accelerating performance. Leaders can impact the overall success of the organization by bringing people together to contribute meaningfully to a greater purpose.

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