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With many schools re-opening in a few weeks, school leaders across the country are busy finalizing reentry plans and making decisions. Change often comes with pressure and stress, but as today’s guest points out, change also brings opportunity for creativity. In this episode, listen as Sergio Mendoza, Superintendent of Burton School District, shares about the difference that implementing Evidence-Based Leadership℠ has made since the district first implemented it in March.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • Why is a daily huddle beneficial for team members?
  • How can we find time to continue growing and learning while balancing other priorities?
  • How can leaders make decisions with confidence during these times?

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Leading a Successful Reentry

In "normal" times when things are relatively predictable, strong leadership is desired. When unpredictable times appear, strong leadership is essential. Even the strongest organizational structures bring tremendous challenges that impact results. Our old way of doing business simply will not work.

Keep The Complex Simple

What do We Really Need? A process is a series of actions or activities, changes or functions that bring about a result or permit work to get done. Variation is the enemy of process. When processes are used consistently across an organization, teams are aligned and therefore more effective.

Huddle for Critical Outcomes

When teams are experiencing immense change or periods of disruption, leaders can bring attention to the priorities by creating routine leader huddles to test ideas, monitor progress, and learn as changes are implemented. This structured daily meeting helps to create the consistency people crave during change.

How Focus Leads to Results

Executive leaders put a great deal of thought and effort into creating strategic plans for their organization. Later down the road leaders may refer to those strategic plans and wonder, “Why haven’t we achieved what we aimed to accomplish 3 years ago?” Just because the organization has been busy doing a lot of stuff, doesn’t necessarily mean the right things were done to achieve results.



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