Commit to Excellence: Set high expectations to achieve results while living out mission and values

Cultures are built by setting expectations, describing specific behaviors, consistent leadership practices and aligned systems and processes. Leaders and employees have to agree to commit to the same standards and expectations to create a collaborative, high-performing culture. It is critical for leaders to commit to role modeling the culture they are building within their organization. To create a thriving culture, we identify what our organization stands for and describe how we treat each other, our customers and the community.

Impact During a Crisis

This is leadership and it starts at the top. We are just really fortunate to have a chief executive who trusts and empowers his leadership team. He’s created an environment for our staff to provide honest feedback. And that is invaluable at a time like this. – Dale Shaver, Parks and Land Use Director, Waukesha County | EP 68: Focus on the Positive

All eyes are on leadership normally, and especially in times of crisis. The way leaders lead and respond to disruption will be remembered by employees and communities. Does the leader role model compassion, empathy and consistency? Or does the leader react emotionally or withhold information? Does the leader seek input from teams before making decisions that impact individuals?

When leaders and employees are committed to excellence even in times of disruption they are focused on success. Their standards and expectations reflect their values and are the backbone guiding the work amongst disruption. As Dale Shaver describes in the quote above, the environment his leader created, that values honest feedback, was invaluable to their team during a crisis. What values and behaviors will be invaluable to your team during a crisis? How will your leaders respond?

Have that mindset of positivity. We could focus on all of the challenges, but I think of the word BEST: Bring Everyone’s Strength Together. This is an opportunity for us, even though we are isolated, to come together in the name of serving our children in schools. And how we can serve them through this time is something that we can view as insurmountable, or we can view it as an opportunity. And our mindset will determine.
– JoAnn Sternke, Leader Coach, Studer Education | EP 72: Intentional Communication Starts with Why



EP 68: Focus on the Positive
with Dale Shaver

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EP 72: Intentional Communication Starts with Why
with JoAnn Sternke

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