Parent As Learning Coach

Resources for busy parents to support their child’s learning.

The Coaching Approach

Step into the learning coach role.

Remote learning has intensified the part that parents and guardians play in their child’s day-to-day schooling. Parents are now “up close and personal” with the entire learning experience, and their children are looking to them to fill the gaps left by the physical absence of a classroom. The partnership between schools and families is not new, but the parent role has become more involved. As a Learning Coach, the most important skills you can build are…


Communication and Connection

Effectively communicate and have meaningful connections with teachers and your child about learning and progress.


Social-Emotional Needs

Model learning and reflection processes to support your child’s emotional experience.


Coach the Learning

Your child achieves learning targets as you clarify and coach the learning.


Feedback to the Learner

Guide your child to reach the next step through direct and timely feedback.

Be confident you are doing the right things to help your child.

20 minutes a day spent building your learning coach skills can help you set your child up for success.

Parent As Learning Coach Tools

What does PALC offer?

Learning Coach Guides

Videos and a step-by-step breakdown of strategies that will help you with things like communicating with teachers, supporting social and emotional needs related to learning and ways to help your child reach learning goals.

Skill Sessions

Classes that provide a deeper dive into high-interest topics like how to coach your child’s reading, checking in on your child’s progress, how to recognize your child’s success and the emotional side of learning.

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A parent learning coach podcast.

Practical tips and encouragement for busy parents. Learn about the science behind learning, how to create structure in a less-than-optimal environment and much more with parent, leadership coach, and learning coach, Dr. Erica Karr.

Become empowered and equipped to be a successful learning coach.