Relentless Resilience: How to Finish Strong

Resilience is not all or nothing. It comes in amounts. You can be a little resilient; resilient in some situations but not others. And, no matter how resilient you are today, you can become more resilient tomorrow.

-Karen Reivich

What is resilience? Often, resilience is a term thrown around without a true understanding of what it actually means. In this roundtable, Leader Coach Sabrina Hebeler shared the key components of resilience and tactics to practice the pause to build the resiliency muscle.

In the roundtable and the discussion groups, Sabrina challenged leaders to rate the strength of their resiliency muscle and think about which components of resiliency they can focus on:

  • How do you currently practice pausing as an individual or with your teams?

  • What impacts of pausing and resiliency have you recognized? What do you expect might happen if practiced more?

  • Where do you plan to focus building resiliency — in yourself, in your team, in your organization?


Roundtable Resources

Pause, Perspective, Process | 9P

Have you ever found yourself regretting an answer, reaction, or outburst? Have you ever sent an email you wished you could get back? Do you frequently have challenging interactions with others? More than likely these behaviors resulted from a gut reaction based on emotion or acting before thinking. Learning to pause, gain a new perspective, and learn about the process can help leaders regulate their emotions, make better decisions, and respond to difficult situations in a positive way.

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The Power of Pause

The power of pause is an essential component of building and maintaining our resilience muscle. We often conflate the idea of resilience with becoming immune to emotional stress or difficulty. Also, we often think that it means avoiding hard things or going through it alone when really, it’s quite the opposite. When we practice resilience, we lean into our challenges and process them in a way that moves us forward as leaders, and as teams.


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