Strategic Moves for Impact

The past 22 months have brought ample challenges for leaders across the country. Schools leaders have all had to make difficult decisions. Staying connected to our purpose can help keep us fueled with passion during difficult times. Our guest today models this so well.  In this episode,  Dr. Lisa Herring, the Superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools, joins us for a candid conversation about overcoming challenges, while still moving forward and innovating. In just under a year and a half on the job, Dr. Herring launched a Center for Equity and Social Justice in the district as well as the Summer Academic Recovery Academy, to overcome learning loss. Listen as Dr. Janet Pilcher asks Dr. Herring about her journey and how she stayed committed to success.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can leaders stay confident when making decisions in the face of pressure?
  • Where can we start as we lead and manage change in our organizations?
  • How can leaders reignite their passion when feeling burned out?

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