EP14: Keeping Up with Schoolwork

Does your child need help keeping up with schoolwork? Coach your child to keep track of the work and to figure out when to do it. In this episode, we break down two ways to get your child [...]

EP13: Boost Learner Confidence

"I'm just not good at it." If you've ever heard this statement, your child might need a confidence boost. In this episode, we offer parents 5 tips for boosting learner confidence, especially when [...]

EP12: When Homework Is A Challenge

Does homework feel like a struggle for you and your child? In this episode, we discuss 3 common reasons for homework reluctance. We also give tips to help you overcome this challenge with your child.

EP11: A Case For Curiosity

Humans are curious beings. Coach your child’s curiosity and open their minds to new learning. In this episode, we talk about 3 ways to help your child tap into their natural curiosity. As a [...]