The Power of Collaboration

Joining us in today’s episode, we have two superintendents representing two different school districts in the same county. The way these school systems partner together to help serve children is an example of the power of collaboration and mutual support. They are models in terms of how they collaborate and work for the community, and as you will see from this episode, they truly make decisions in the best interests of the students and the families they serve. Listen now as the Superintendent of Daviess County Public Schools, Matt Robbins, and the Superintendent of Owensboro Public Schools, Dr. Matthew Constant, have a conversation with Dr. Janet Pilcher about how they partner together for their community.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What does it take to build a collaborative relationship with a leader outside of the organization?
  • What are some examples of ways leaders can partner together for the good of the community?
  • How can leaders maintain and nurture a collaborative working relationship with another leader or group outside of their organization?

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