The customer experience comes first, even before finances.

Service Excellence differentiates your organization from others in your industry. Great leaders place importance on how to become the best service provider for what they do. Donna Kirby returns this week to discuss why prioritizing service excellence is necessary for success and what core drivers keep her focused on service excellence.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • Why is it important to focus on service excellence?
  • How does customer experience drive finance?
  • What keeps 96% of Blue Wahoo’s employees returning there for work year after year?


We will continue the conversation with Donna Kirby in episode #42 by revealing 3 tactics you can use to build a culture around service.

Related Resources

Actions of Excellence

Asking team members to describe what newly defined standards mean to them is one way to make them come alive in the organization. In this video, a variety of stakeholders were asked to share their thoughts on the Actions of Excellence in Warren County Public Schools.

Reward & Recognize

Humans are emotional beings, we like to hear what we are good at, that we're appreciated, valued, and our contributions are making a difference. Taking the time to recognize a job well done and to connect an employee's performance with the organization's goals, gives people a deeper sense of purpose for their work.

Use Standards of Service Excellence

People want to work in organizations known for excellent service. We have all experienced the person who is clearly not smiling on the other end of the phone, not happy to see us walk in the door, or not willing to help us get to the right office. When we’re looking for help, finding someone eager to assist makes all the difference. Working alongside colleagues committed to providing excellent service makes us feel proud to be part of our organization. It also makes it difficult to leave.



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