Courageous Leadership: Hosting Effective, Inclusive Conversations

This toolkit provides practical resources to help leaders and teams self-assess, plan for and host inclusive conversations. Developing the right mindset as a leader with and for your team regarding inclusive conversations is not a one-and-done project. The promising news is that the steps in this toolkit can be used to host conversations about any number of topics.

This toolkit is divided into two sections, providing practical resources to help leaders and teams self-assess, plan for and host inclusive conversations:

Section 1: Assess and Achieve Readiness

Step 1: How Ready Are You?
Step 2: How Ready Are Potential Participants?

Section 2: A Model for Inclusive Conversations

Step 3: Approach the Conversation
Step 4: Make Space and Place for the Conversation
Step 5: Follow Up With Action

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Tools and resources for leaders and teams to assess, plan and host inclusive conversations:

Self and Team Assessment Forms

Tool 1 offers you a helpful template for considering your own readiness. Your answers will reflect both emotional and rational responses. Tool 2 is a helpful template for considering team readiness.

Readying an Individual for the Conversation

Use Tool 3 to ask questions intentionally with individuals who may come to the table.

Inclusive Conversation Agenda

Consider the agenda template in Tool 4 to support your integration of a norms discussion at the beginning of the conversation.

Stoplight Report

To ensure that follow-up becomes follow-through, a stoplight report can assign responsibilities and ensure accountability for actions by individuals who are working toward achieving trust and team outcomes. Tool 5 is a template for this report.

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