In Jim Collins’s book Good to Great, he describes a Level 5 leader as someone who leads with passion. Level 5 leaders are not only extremely passionate about what they do, they are also not afraid to show it. One could even call this passion “courage.” Collins describes passion as demonstrating a relentlessness to achieve the desired outcomes.

Most people in education care passionately about their work. Sometimes things erode that natural passion, so we need to rebuild it or recreate it. One way to do this is to get leaders in the habit of complimenting people.

Many believe that in order for people to create positive relationships with others, compliments and criticism should be balanced. Several studies indicate that a higher compliment-to-criticism ratio works better. Through study, trial and error, Studer Education and its partners have found the best ratio of compliments to criticism.

  • If someone receives one compliment for every criticism, a negative relationship results
  • If someone receives two compliments for every criticism, a neutral relationship results
  • If someone receives three compliments per criticism, a positive relationship results

Excerpt from: Maximize Performance

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