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A key phrase for our Studer Education team is “Connect to Purpose.” We mean, remember why we are here. Connect to the reason we work hard, every day, to make education a better place for students, families, employees, educators, and leaders. It’s important that all leaders connect to their purpose, especially when our challenges seem insurmountable. To the right, you will see 2 very special reasons I do what I do. My step-granddaughter and my nephew (pictured here) entered Kindergarten and 1st grade respectively this year. I work for them, and for all the other students who started a new school year recently. Each and every student deserves an education that expands their opportunities, and I’m committed to making that possible.

What’s the purpose for your leadership? Connect to your purpose, every day, to be the most passionate and effective leader you can be.

Having purpose, doing worthwhile work, and knowing you make a difference are key elements in the Health Care Flywheel, from Studer Group, and the Execution Flywheel, from Studer Education.  

Interested in learning  strategies for helping you, your organization, and your employees connect to purpose? Contact us for more information about our coaching for continuous leadership development and systems improvement. 



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