Gathering input from team members makes people feel valued.

One of a leader’s greatest responsibilities is to ensure teams are engaged and productive. People are motivated to increase productivity when leaders take time to get to know them personally, make them feel comfortable, and help remove barriers in the workplace. When we connect with employees in ways that are meaningful to them, they become more engaged, productivity and profits increase, meanwhile, turnover, absenteeism, and shrinkage decrease.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can we gather feedback from our employees?
  • Is there a way to establish genuine relationships with others at work?
  • Is it important to have a good relationship with coworkers and subordinates?
  • How do I prioritize which processes in the organization need improving?

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Meet 5 Critical Employee Needs with Leader Connection Questions

Employees want a leader who cares about and values them. The number one reason people leave their jobs is because they feel they are not valued. Even more, people do not leave their "team"-they leave their direct supervisor.

Leader Connection Questions

Studies show employees want to provide input, but don't feel like they are being heard. The highest performing leaders are able to make the best decisions when they have solid and trusting relationships with others. To build trusting relationships, leaders regularly converse with employees about their work and transparently take action, showing employees they are valued.



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