Celebrate the Wins

“A little progress each day adds up to big results.” We all want to celebrate the successes and wins for our team or organization, but how do we know when and how we should celebrate? [...]

EP68: Focus on the Positive

How engaged is your workforce in times of crisis? Have you helped them define what success looks like? Have you defined what customer success looks like? In this episode, Dale Shaver, Director of [...]

EP66: INERTIA: A Force for Change

Basil Kuloba used his experience with math and science to develop a much-needed nonprofit organization, Inertia, which has quickly become the largest after school program in Escambia County [...]

EP63: Start Talking to People

In a world where we no longer view human connections as natural, and instead, insist on using technology, even in the presence of others, Dr. Janet Pilcher encourages her listeners to get off [...]