Get off your device, and get in the ring of fire.

In a world where we no longer view human connections as natural, and instead, insist on using technology, even in the presence of others, Dr. Janet Pilcher encourages her listeners to get off their devices and start talking to people. Research tells us that people in general feel worse and less connected when they mix face-to-face communication with digital socializing compared to solely socializing in person. When we intentionally create ways to engage with each other, learn from each other, and laugh with each other we are better able to build an innovative future together.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How does relying on digital communication affect our happiness?
  • What can we do to intentionally communicate with those around us.
  • Why should we intentionally engage in situations to talk to others and learn something new?

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You can provide support and knowledge to others, increase your skills, make new friends, grow your business, advance your career, gain trusted contacts, and impact your community all by investing in networking. Ivan Misner said, “Networking is more about farming than it is about hunting.” This is a great analogy because you’ll want to prep the soil, plant the seeds, and tend to your plants all before you can collect the harvest. When practiced the right way networking results in valuable connections for life.



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