At the 2020 Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education this past spring, Studer Education Leader Coach Pat Greco joined School District of Menomonee Falls Superintendent Corey Golla along with other panelists to share a research-based framework for district-level leadership. The Carnegie presentation also included transformational practices used by superintendents to create organizations capable of continuous improvement that results in improved student outcomes.

Learn How Leaders From Menomonee Falls Create Conditions for Continuous Improvement

Learning to lead continuous improvement is a complex and never-ending journey. This session offers insights from research and practice about how district leaders can effectively navigate this journey, focusing in on the key mental models, behaviors and organizational shifts that drive success. Following a brief presentation of research findings, former superintendents from two very different school districts share concrete methods that they used to transform their organizations to be capable of continuous improvement and improving student outcomes.

Christina Dixon, Improvement Advisor, Carnegie Foundation
Corey Golla, Superintendent of Schools, School District of Menomonee Falls
Pat Greco, Retired Superintendent of Schools, School District of Menomonee Falls; Senior Director of Thought Leadership, Studer Education
Matthew Navo, Director, Systems Transformation, Center for Prevention & Early Intervention, WestEd



Improvement in Action: Advancing Quality in America’s Schools featuring the School District of Menomonee Falls

Improvement in Action, Anthony S. Bryk’s sequel to Learning to Improve, illustrates how educators have effectively applied the six core principles of continuous improvement in practice. The book highlights relevant examples of rigorous, high-quality improvement work in districts, schools and professional development networks across the country.

The organizations featured in the book have addressed, with remarkable results, long-standing inequitable educational outcomes in high school graduation rates, college readiness and absenteeism. The cases emphasize the measures the educators took and the thinking that motivated their actions.

In chapter 6, you’ll learn about the continuous improvement work that the School District of Menomonee Falls focused on to systemically changing results and improve the of learning for students and adults.

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