Building Trust with Teachers and Supporting Them

A current issue many leaders in education face is lower numbers of teachers entering the field and a growing number of teachers leaving. What will it take to address this issue? How can leaders help keep their high-performing teachers and help them feel satisfied in their jobs? This podcast episode is a call to action for leaders to shift their focus to retaining teachers and staff. Dr. Janet Pilcher invites Justin Barlow, a middle school teacher who has worked in the academic world for over two decades, to share his insights into why teachers are exiting the profession and ways leaders can work to support and retain teachers. Justin shares with us ideas for increasing job satisfaction amongst teachers where building trust and investing in relationships will be key. Listen as he shares ways to carry this out within schools.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can you actively work to build trust with the teachers in your school?
  • What can you do to help teachers feel valued, supported, and more satisfied with their jobs?
  • What are some ideas you can take from this podcast and implement in your own school to support teachers?

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