Creating a Great Place to Work for Teachers

How can leaders keep their high-performing teachers? Recent studies indicate that helping employees feel valued and appreciated is key. One study found that 93% of employees who reported feeling valued at work said that they are more motivated to do their best. Another study found that 79% who left their job reported that a lack of appreciation was a key factor for leaving. In this week’s Accelerate Your Performance podcast episode, Dr. Janet Pilcher discusses the importance of cultivating a positive and supportive work environment for teachers. Listen as she shares practical ideas leaders can put into action to help create an environment employees feel supported, valued, and greater satisfaction working in.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can we take action to help our teachers feel more valued and appreciated?
  • What are the key fundamental leadership actions we can take to support and retain our staff?
  • What are some examples of questions you can ask new employees as a check-in 30 and 90 days into the job?

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